This is Important

“Confidence is not a given. It is not an entity. It’s a state of mind, even a state of being. It comes from acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem), and feelings of well-being and belief in your abilities, skills and experience (confidence).” – Susie Mackie, Women of Spirit


Three weeks ago, I started an internship with Susie Mackie, a boudoir and commercial photographer and author of the book Women of Spirit. I took the position of Social Media Assistant, managing her Instagram and Twitter accounts to help share her goal: to give women the tools to love themselves, to know their value, and to share their stories.

When I first started, I did have an interest in body positivity and self-worth, however I’ve now learned that actually, these topics have really struck a chord with me. Susie is so passionate about what she does, and this passion has rubbed off on me, too.

Watch Susie’s story here.

With so much going on in the media these days about female empowerment – i.e. BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, and BBC’s #hearher campaign – I believe I’m part of something exciting, something important, and something that everyone can be involved in.

The topic is popping up everywhere:

  • Tune into this clip at 1:09:20  to hear an interesting opinion about body positivity. What do you think? (available until 24/06/18)
  • This Instagram account, ahh so good!
  • Something I tweeted the other day.
  • Amy’s blog post (not me, I promise)

It’s so nice to find something that I can actively be involved in, if only in the smallest way. The first social media campaign Susie and I crafted was ‘I am…’ Each day, I posted a different statement to get people thinking. For example: ‘I am beautiful’. How often do you hear people use this word to describe themselves? How often do you use this word to describe yourself?

It can only take a few small steps to improve the way we perceive ourselves, and this can lead us to recognising our own self-worth. As a part of my internship, I attended a networking event in Cheltenham, representing Susie and discussing her work with others. This pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I came out feeling accomplished and proud of myself. Next week, I’m going to London with Susie to interview someone for her new book. I believe that if I keep doing things that push me outside of my comfort zone, I’ll eventually have more confidence in my abilities!

Not everyday can be a self-loving day, of course – we all have our ups and downs. It’s important to remember, though, that this is okay… it’s just a part of life.

you do you

What do you think about body positivity and female empowerment? Feel free to share your opinion!



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