How to Step Outside your Comfort-Zone

Over the past few weeks, my life has revolved around uni work, uni work, and more uni work. I’ve been trying to get ahead in time for the Christmas break (so I can actually enjoy it!) and the hard work has paid off – I’ve completed 2/3 assignments! It’s made me feel rather productive and good about myself, which is so important during these stressy times.

So, when I found Dia&Co‘s Try-Day-Friday initiative, I thought – yeah, why not? Let’s give this a go! So, I went to my wardrobe, which consists of predominantly greys, blacks, whites and stripes, to find an outfit I would normally shy away from. As an avid wearer of leggings, jumpers and ‘comfy’ clothing, I decided to opt for the complete opposite.

In the end, I chose this red midi dress from New Look. It’s from the tall range – at 5″8, I sometimes struggle to find clothes long enough!! I don’t always like the ‘midi’ skirt look on me, but I think the cut and style of this dress makes the length of it a lot more wearable!

My height also makes me conscious about wearing heels, I don’t want to feel like a giant! Even these boots get left behind sometimes – I hate being the tallest in the room! However, I think with the dress they look quite nice.

To go one step further with this ‘outside my comfort zone’ challenge, I opted to go with no make-up (apart from red lipstick, because who doesn’t love it at this time of year?!) I rarely leave the house without make-up, unless it’s just a quick pop to the shops, because it gives me that extra boost.

Another reason I’d never normally go for this outfit is my legs. I don’t have a problem with the shape of them, but rather what they look like. I suffer with varicose veins and, although you can’t really see them in this photo, I’m always self conscious of them. In the summer, I always think twice about skirts and shorts and try to hide them because, to me, they’re really obvious. So to get them out in the winter – when I have an excuse to cover them up – is quite something for me.

I think to have confidence with an outfit you’d normally leave hidden away in your wardrobe is so important. It can make you feel good about yourself and give you a push to step outside your comfort zone. So, I challenge YOU to do the same! Pick up those heels, wear that sequin dress, bring out those bold colours! If you do, comment below what you went for, or tweet me a picture!!

Amy Louise


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