A Weekend Away

I’ve just got back from a weekend away in the beautiful city of Oxford. I’d never been before and was really looking forward to visiting a new city and exploring what was there. The trip was my 21st birthday treat so I planned and wrote down all the places I wanted to visit (I love to organise!)


My travel partner was my boyfriend, Dom, and we left our uni town of Cheltenham at 10am Saturday morning. After a two hour train journey, we got to Oxford in time for lunch! Straight away I noticed how lovely all the buildings and architecture were; everywhere was just so picturesque.

After dropping our luggage at the B&B, we went for a walk through the Christ Church meadow. The weather was so good the whole time we were there – yes, it was bitterly cold, but there was no rain! The River Thames runs along the meadow and we watched as a rowing race took place.

We also visited the Museum of the History of Science, which was interesting but not entirely my cup of tea! (I don’t know an awful lot about science!!)

Later in the evening, we went for a three course meal at Ask Italian – soooooo much food but it was sooooo good!!


Sunday morning, we walked through the meadow again and visited the University’s Botanical Gardens, forgetting that it’s winter and most of the flowers are… dead. But, the grounds were still pretty and I learnt some interesting facts – did you know people used to decorate their houses with tomatoes, which they called ‘love apples’?!

After this, we walked up to the Natural History Museum and I was amazed at the huge collection they have there! There’re so many exhibits and so much information – it was well worth the visit.

We also visited the Ashmolean Museum, but – to be honest – we were all museumed-out by then so this was a rather quick visit!

Next, we booked onto a tour of the castle, which was so good! We learnt about the history, including about how they kept the prisoners (up to 60 in a small room!) We also walked up to the top of the castle, where the view was amazing.

After a quick cocktail, we decided to stay in at the B&B for our evening meal. The food there was absolutely delicious and even I struggled to finish it!


Today was a chilled day – just a trip around the shops looking out for last minute Black Friday sales! We caught the train back at 1:30pm.


I love exploring cities and towns in the UK – find out about my favourite days out here!

Where have you been recently?

Amy Louise


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