Bank Holiday Day Out

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Today is bank holiday Monday in England and, as if it truly loves us, the sun shone brightly throughout the whole day (about time!).

So my family and I decided to go to some lovely gardens to make the most of it. The flowers were in full bloom – much to my grandparents’ taste – and the grounds were just stunning.

Of course, being a bank holiday, the place was absolutely packed with other families and dogs. But, once we got out to the main garden, it seemed rather quiet and peaceful.


We took our hyperactive spaniel, Bonnie, with us but even she got too hot towards the end of the day.


We sat and ate lunch by the lakeside, looking out over the fields of wild flowers and blue skies. It was as if we were on holiday!


Here are a few snaps from the day:




The sun probably won’t last – it never really does – but it’s nice when we have the opportunity to enjoy it.


Bonnie was desperate to splash around in the water!

What did you do this bank holiday weekend?

Amy Louise


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