I Found Some Old Photos.

ellie with book

Hammocking with my younger sister Ellie. She is more like a best friend than a sister. We grew up together in a tiny village in the countryside. It was very quiet despite the tractors rumbling their ways down the road outside our house. Our Dad used to take us to the park – which consisted of a seesaw, a pair of swings and a slide – to ride our little bikes around.



Did anyone else’s Mother dress you up in matching outfits? Probably not the best look.


I love this picture of me and my mum, although I look very confused as to why I’m being presented a lamb. Farmyard trips were a regular occurrence with my family. We used to take picnics and meet up with other friends, too.


I’m close to my Nanna. Now, I keep in contact by sending letters (see this post). I used to love hearing her memorised stories and little poems.Even now, she still remembers every word. I’m not sure where we are in this photograph, but I love it. My flower cap and all.





I love coming across photos that I’ve never seen before. It seems like these were a whole different life away.

Do you ever come across old photos, too?

Amy Louise


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