I’m Moving Out!

moving out

So, ten months into the whirlwind of being a first year student, I moved out! Piles upon piles of boxes, bags and suitcases towered high in my room as I packed up my life in halls to get ready for my next chapter.

It took me three days to organise my stuff into a manageable size and to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything along the way. I seriously underestimated just how much I had accumulated over the course of freshers’ year; bedding, kitchen utensils and clothes – so many clothes! – took up the majority of space. It wasn’t until my parents helped me shift it all into a near-by storage unit that I realised just how spacious my dorm room actually was!

They’re not lying when they say University flies by. Yes, we do finish term a lot earlier than schools do, but to have achieved so much in so little time is quite overwhelming. New friends, new jobs, new life, new town, new routines… and that’s before new subjects and lectures! I’m proud to say that I’ve done it; I’ve passed first year and feel ready to get into the nitty-gritty of earning a degree.

Hard work is still to come. They also say second and third years are by far the hardest you’ll ever work for a qualification. And so I expect this; I expect to be challenged and under a certain amount of pressure as more deadlines approach. But now, after my first ten months of experiencing University life, I feel as though I can have a good shot at it, everyone can.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be moving into my new student house. When did I suddenly become an adult and have to pay rent?! Since when did I have to worry about weekly food shops and laundry and water bills? I almost feel like a different person, it’s so strange! But, along with my flatmates, I’ll have to accept this sudden fall into adulthood, and make the most of it too.

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