A Trip to Bath

Earlier this week, my family and I took a short trip to Bath Spa for a couple of days. We stayed in a lovely B&B called Trimnells for the night and explored the city the following day.


My sister wanted to visit the University there, which was the main reason for our trip, and so we spent the majority of the day looking around the campus and learning more about the different courses that were available. It was weird not having the stress of deciding what to do; it doesn’t feel like two minutes since I was attending open days such as these! But still, I want to help Ellie with the whole process, despite the fact she still has just under a year before she has to decide where she would like to go for definite.

IMG_2561 (2)

When we got into the town, Southgate Street had been decorated with brightly coloured umbrellas, which were hung from the top of the shops. Not only did it look pretty, it came in handy when the thunderstorm hit!


When planning the decorations, the Southgate centre manager had said that he’d wanted to do ‘something out of the ordinary’ rather than ‘trying to put up posters’ to make the city stand out. And he did just this; there were lots of people taking photographs (including myself), and stopping to admire.


Southgate had also made a mini garden-cinema for shoppers who wished to take a break and watch the game; there was roll out grass and even deckchairs (a little optimistic, but we’re forever hopeful for a sunny summer!)

USE 10

USE 12

USE 13


I would love to visit the pump rooms and explore what’s inside. The exterior certainly looks impressive, and a huge chandelier caught my eye through the window!

Where have you visited recently? Or, where are you going?

Amy Louise


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