Weekly Round-Up

Okay, so it’s been a few weeks (ahem-months) since I last posted one of my weekly round-ups. If you are new around here (hi) then I’ll briefly explain what my weekly round-up involves.

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Last week, my friend and I visited Edinburgh for a few nights. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the place is, so I thought I’d share some photos here on my blog! Also, if you’re thinking of visiting the city, I’ll run through the things we did and the costs involved. Day 1 We flew […]

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Lucy Wood (@LucyJaneWood), Freelance Writer and YouTuber, has recently uploaded a video, discussing how little representation there is for women with ‘in-between-y’ body shapes. And I totally agree. I’m a size 12, curvy, tall, and have what I like to call a ‘cake pouch’ (the slightly podgy bit of lower tummy!) I’m not part of […]

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Graduate Depression

It’s a real thing. No one prepares you for it, no one tells you about it, no one expects it. You’re told, throughout your entire educational life, that you are to try your best and get high grades and keep studying and working because after uni, these are the things that employers want. Then, one […]

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This is Important

“Confidence is not a given. It is not an entity. It’s a state of mind, even a state of being. It comes from acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem), and feelings of well-being and belief in your abilities, skills and experience (confidence).” – Susie Mackie, Women of Spirit Three weeks ago, I started an internship […]

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University? Completed.

On Monday 14th May 2018, I handed in my final assignment of my university degree and was overwhelmed with all sorts of different emotions. First, I burst into tears as the thought of ohmygodwhatdoIdonow entered my mind, but then, after closing down the online-submission tab on my browser, I felt a huge sense of achievement. And here’s […]

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